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Pets Travel on Private Jets Just Like People

Pets Travel on Private Jets in Luxury

Pets Travel on Private Jets with Pet Nanny in Airplane

Pets travel on private jets with Sit ‘n Stay Global’s pet nanny.

Now when you travel via private jet so can your pets through Air Royale International Inc., a global leader in private, on-demand air charter. With a newly formed alliance with Sit ‘n Stay Global, the ultimate supplier of in-flight services for pets onboard private aircraft, the world is an open oyster for the entire family.

Pets, private jets and your very own pet nanny, who knew?

Now when you book an air charter flight through Air Royale—with access to more than 5,000 aircraft worldwide—you can relax knowing that your pet is having fun with a qualified, Sit ‘n Stay pet nanny.

The professionals at Sit ‘n Stay are certified by the American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid and CPR programs and maintain all corporate flight attendant  qualifications. Sit ‘n Stay flight attendants are equipped to care for you and your pet.

Pets Travel on Private Jets Safely

Pets Travel on Private Jets and Eat Gourmet food in aircraft cabin

Sit ‘n Stay makes gourmet food for your pet, too!

Pets travel on private jets more than you may think. In fact, more people are opting to fly on private planes for not only the security, convenience and comfort provided, but because their pets are safely inside the cabin, too.

Sit ‘n Stay follows specific safety practices for pets on private aircraft to ensure their trip is just as safe and secure as yours. With a Sit ‘n Stay flight attendant, your pet is never an afterthought.  They will take care of catering and pamper you with well-appointed in-flight services that will begin and end your journey on the right note. Best of all, they will cater specifically for your pet so he or she feels like an important VIP guest, too.

Pets Travel on Private Jets and have in-flight catering gourmet food.

A relaxed, happy pet all thanks to Sit ‘n Stay’s in-flight service.

When your jet lands, the pampering and fun for your pet doesn’t end. When a Sit ‘n Stay pet nanny joins you, your pet also enjoys a great getaway. They come armed with the latest pet technology: apps pointing to the best dog parks, cafés, beaches and hikes. Each day is filled with joy and adventures for your pet—with someone your pet already knows and loves.

Pets travel on private jets with you. What could be better?

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